In it together

We all need to follow the official advice relating to social distancing, self isolation and looking after each other.  Please ensure that you remain up to date with current advice and:

  • Let us know if someone in one of our properties has contracted COVID-19. We can then advise the other Homeowners and residents, keeping the identity of the individual confidential.
  • If you are able to help anyone with the virus, someone who is shielding or in self-isolation, please do what you can, remembering your own safety. You could agree:
    • To shop for them and where food and supplies may be safely left
    • When rubbish can be placed outside (remembering that it needs to be double bagged; rubbish containing personal waste must be kept inside the person’s property for 72 hours; and that whoever is picking up the rubbish should be properly protected). We appreciate that this may be unpleasant, but it is an important step to prevent the spread of the virus.

We are hearing wonderful and heart-warming examples of kindness, generosity and togetherness within our buildings and communities. Please look out for each other, in particular the elderly or vulnerable within your community. We truly are all in this together, therefore please stay safe and consider each other.

Do continue to share with us your stories, our team love to hear from you and they help us too!


With so many of us now at home, it is important to maintain our mental and physical wellbeing.  There is a wealth of resources available online and in print that aim to help with this and technology is bringing people together in ways that we never imagined possible a few weeks ago.  Please try to make sure that you are making the time to keep yourself and your families well during this difficult time and do what you can to help people that may be struggling.  We can all help each other to get through this.


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