The implications of COVID-19 are continuing to have a varied impact on the availability of contractors, who are continuing to operate where they are able to:

  • Work safely for staff and residents
  • Adhere to the Government’s social distancing requirements
  • Obtain the necessary safety and protective equipment

The restrictions within which we are working inevitably mean that the availability of contractors will vary and that some services may be affected.  The instruction to stay at home and the decision to close schools will have an impact on the people involved cleaning and maintenance. Please appreciate that we and they are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the current situation but that response times on both sides may be longer than you have come to expect.

Should you need to report a maintenance issue you should do so via email unless the matter is an emergency.  If possible, it will be dealt with as soon as arrangements can be made for a contractor to attend.  If this is not possible at the current time or the matter is not urgent it will be scheduled when restrictions ease and the work can  be carried out without placing contractors or residents at unnecessary risk.


Contractors have been advised to respect the requirements of social distancing and take the appropriate precautions to protect themselves and others in accordance with Public Health England, NHS and Government advice. We would respectfully ask that Homeowners and residents do the same and keep their distance when contractors are on site.

Please click on the links below for specific information relating to internal and external issues that may affect you and your property.

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