COVID-19 – Buildings & Internal Areas

Cleaning Contractors

Our property management team have been liaising with cleaning contractors and the priority for cleaning is touch points within the communal areas.  This is to ensure that the essential work is carried out and may mean that some of the other tasks normally carried out by cleaners cannot be completed in the time they have available.

Where contractors are able to provide cleaning services, they have been instructed to:

  • Use products such as anti-bacterial / anti-viral spray on all hard surfaces
  • To give extra attention to touch points such as door handles, entry systems, finger plates, switches, sockets, handrails, alarm panels and boxes
  • To wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Regularly use hand sanitiser where hand washing is not available.
  • Observe the requirement for social distancing.

We can all play a part

It is essential that residents adhere to the Government and Public Health England advice, and you can do your bit by ensuring strict hygiene is observed in communal areas to help contain the spread of the virus. We kindly ask that you wipe down your flat front doors, handles and frame both externally and internally on a daily basis with an anti-bacterial spray or wipe and use a clean tissue or wipe to open all communal doors to prevent any direct contact. This will help protect you and others.

General Repairs

You should continue to report maintenance items and general repairs. At the moment our property management team must prioritise repairs that may be of an urgent nature, represent a hazard or safety issue, or are considered to be a risk to property.

Fire Safety

Be a considerate neighbour and adhere to the following guidelines relating to fire safety:

  • Ensure fire doors remain closed at all times
  • Do not obstruct communal hallways, stairwells and fire escapes
  • Do not store household items in the communal areas
  • Check your smoke detector regularly
  • Familiarise yourself with your building fire policy.
  • Report to your Property Manager any fault to your communal fire alarm system immediately

If you currently carry out the weekly fire alarm tests of the communal systems in your property, we ask that you continue to do so for as long as possible. The testing is a statutory requirement and is particularly important with the increased number of occupants in the building during the ‘lockdown’ period. If for any reason you are unable to carry this out, please contact us as soon as possible.

Communal Boilers / Heating and Water Systems

These services are essential and will continue to be serviced and maintained where it is feasible to do so and parts are available.


Subject to contractor availability, lifts will continue to be serviced at the required intervals. Please adhere to the requirements of social distancing and do not enter a passenger lift if it is occupied. You should wait until the lift is empty, or for the next available lift.  In the case of entrapment, please use the lift telephone or dial 999.

Gyms, Roof Gardens, Swimming Pools

In accordance with Government guidelines, these facilities are closed until further notice.

Concierge Service and Collection of Parcels

Some services may be restricted or limited within your building at this time and we politely request your patience and understanding. To assist your on-site team, please ensure that parcels are collected as soon as possible when notified of their arrival.

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