COVID-19 – Gardens, Estates and Grounds

Gardening and Grounds Maintenance

Spring is here, and our green spaces are starting to grow and blossom. Subject to contractor availability, grounds maintenance services will continue. Grass will be cut, litter collected, dog and refuse bins emptied, and soft landscaping maintained.  Not carrying out these tasks when we can could lead to areas becoming unsanitary, overgrown and unmanageable and increase the potential for vermin.  As with our request about internal contractors, please ensure that social distancing is observed if you see the gardener or any other contractor on site.

Playgrounds and Trim Trails

In accordance with Government guidelines, these facilities are closed until further notice and should not be used.

Rivers, Streams and Culverts, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) and Attenuation Tanks

Keeping our maintained rivers, streams and culverts clear of obstructions will remain a priority for our grounds maintenance teams and contractors, as will the maintenance and care of sustainable drainage systems.


Should we encounter inclement weather, and you are aware that trees within your grounds have suffered any damage, please notify your Property Manager immediately.

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