Service Charge Collections

To provide a continuation of services that are vital for the maintenance and insurance of your property or estate and the welfare and safety of all homeowners and residents we must continue to raise Applications for Payment when they fall due and to collect Service Charge payments.  If we do not do so during this period, we risk not being able to instruct any works that may be required, settle any insurance premium invoices or respond to emergencies so we hope you understand the need to continue with Service Charge payments.

Ways to Pay

Homeowners can pay by the following methods:

  • Debit Card using our online Web-Portal
  • By Bank Transfer, (please refer to your Application for Payment for details). Ensure you include your Tenant Account Reference when making a payment.
  • Due to changes in legislation we are unable to accept payment by Credit Card

Difficulty Paying?

In light of the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, please contact a member of our team by emailing if you are affected by the current circumstances and envisage any difficulty making your payment. We may be able to assist by providing a payment plan to enable you to settle any arrears and service charge payments across your management financial year.  Please be aware that all payment plans need to be approved by the RMC, Freeholder or Board of Directors.

Payments for Contractors and Suppliers

It is important that contractors providing services to your building and estate continue to be paid for the services they have provided.  We are continuing to pay your contractors whilst ensuring that invoices are processed following our normal client control measures.