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Growing Your Own

As the weather breaks somewhat and our gardens get a much needed dose of rain, my thoughts turn to produce and the jobs that need to be done.  It’s no secret that when you grow your own, things are better.  The same can be said for talent.

Think about it.  If you run a business and have to recruit staff you never quite know how they’ve been trained, what experience they’ve really had and what their work ethic is.  You have to make that leap of faith.  Trust the candidate, trust the consultant, trust your gut.  Time will tell if the person you’ve recruited is a good fit for your organisation and if your organisation is a good fit for them.  Because it works both ways.

BUT.  What if you are the one that trains someone?  What if you have given them all the experience that they have had?  What if you have had the opportunity to see how they approach their career?  Wouldn’t that be great?  That’s what taking on Apprentices brings to a company like ours.

It was something that we stayed away from for a long time as we didn’t really understand how it worked or what the advantages were.  Then we looked into it properly, tried it and were delighted with the people that came to work with us.  So much so that we are expanding our Apprentice programme to all three offices this year.  Through South Devon College and the IRPM we offer Administration, Accounts, IT, Property Management and advanced degree level apprenticeships as we know that the people we take on will have a really good grounding in their chosen discipline and an excellent understanding of our company.

Our Apprentices have the following benefits:

  • A fully structured training programme that allows them to work towards a recognised qualification and gives them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed professionally
  • A wage – they earn while they learn which helps offset the costs of education and avoid hefty student debt
  • Full support in their chosen field of study while getting real work experience over an extended period

While we can never guarantee employment following an Apprenticeship, the majority of our people have gone on to continue their career with us.  And that’s when we see the benefits of all that good stuff I was talking about earlier.  We know them, they know us.  We all know it works.  And we can move forwards.

For more information about our programme, please contact our Group Human Resources Manager, Vicki Winner on vwinner@blenheims.co.uk.

Hilary Taylor

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