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Meet The Apprentice!

No, not from the TV show.  Someone much closer to home.

For a while now we have been working with local colleges to bring Apprentices into the business.  We see this as a really important way of finding and keeping new staff members and it also gives young people practical experience in business that they can use to develop their career either with us or elsewhere.

Jasmine Northcott has been with us since the summer of 2018, see what she has to say about an Apprenticeship with Blenheims.

“I joined Blenheim’s as an Apprentice in the Conveyancing Department, just over a year ago. Blenheims have been nothing but supportive in guiding me through my Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 3, but also within my role in the Property Transfer team allowing me to learn and develop relevant skills.

“I am really grateful to them for providing me with this opportunity and cannot thank them enough for their continued support and guidance with my Apprenticeship.  During my time with Blenheims, I have been provided with great opportunities such as project management skills, which I believe will help me in all aspects of my working and potentially personal life.

“I have also really enjoyed taking part in team building events which have allowed me to develop as an individual and learn about different aspects of the business.  In addition, the people I work with are wonderful. The best group of people to work with. ”

Please get in touch if you are thinking of applying for an Apprenticeship!

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